"...BATZZ in the belfry delivers every bright expectation in the long distance debut of a band, confirming again the
richness of the American underground scene and, above all, it demonstrates that old school gothic-rock can still
make its followers dream."  

(Erba della Strega webzine: Review of "Sparks Fly Upward" by Mr. Moonlight)
Based in San Francisco, California,
Nelson formed BATZZ in the belfry in
2003 in the tradition of old school gothic
rock and ethereal.  In 2004 the band
released a 7-song EP, drawing favorable
reviews from the likes of Mick Mercer,
Automata Magazine, and Chain D.L.K.  
An invitation followed from Cold Fusion
Music to include BATZZ in the belfry in
their 2005 goth/industrial compilation CD
"Lunar Eclipse," along with notable bands
like The Last Dance and Virgin Black.

“Sparks Fly Upward,” their first full-
length CD, was released in 2007.  
Displaying a broader range of styles and
arrangements, the record showed the
musical progression of the band, while

Nelson ~ vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, drum programming

Guest musicians:

Araina ~ violin
Deena ~ keyboards
Jesse ~ acoustic guitar
Marc ~ drums
Rick ~ guitar
Tim ~ keyboards, drum programming
staying true to the goth/darkwave style.  It too was well received by the gothic rock press.

Later that year, BATZZ in the belfry was included in the 2007 "newcomers" compilation CD from Gothic Magazine,
titled "Goth Is What You Make It, Vol.6."  In 2008, coverage of the band continued to grow, including features in HM
Magazine, Crawling Tunes Magazine and again in Gothic Magazine.

"Glow in the Dark," the third CD by BATZZ in the belfry, was released in late 2009.  Continuing in their unashamed
tradition of old school goth, the record was their most ambitious, in terms of song-writing and arrangements.  More
guitar-heavy than their previous recordings, and more experimental at times.

Their music continued to find its way to more parts of the world with write-ups in the Gothic Rock Russia webzine,
Lux Atenea webzine (Spain), The Funeral of Tears (Brazil), Down the Line Magazine (USA), Metal Land (Brazil), as
well as inclusion in compilation disks by Infectious Unease Radio (Australia), Schatten Projekt (Brazil), and Cyber 10

In 2013, BATZZ in the belfry released "Pendulum."  While still hopelessly bound to old school goth, the record a
some shoegaze guitar and a hint of noise pop to their continuing moonlight serenade.